Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rainy Sunday

A nice little storm passed through today, and the rain was refreshing. After mass I went to the Napa Valley Coffee Roastery for a cup of Hot Chocolate and a Jalapeno Bagel ( Toasted with Cream Cheese and butter dontcha know ).Then I drove by the CIA and had a good laugh. The World's of Flavor Conference is going on and it is typical that the event should be faced with the extra annoyance of showers. I feel for the Staff that has to work this event, but this is usually the last big blow-out event before they go into the quiet season. Too bad I'll be missing it. When I got home I turned on a Blues station and broke out my color pencils and began to draw. Above is the creation that emerged. I started with those eyes, and went off from there. It's nice to just sit and practice using color and lines to formulate an idea. I added this to my portfolio, which you can visit by clicking on this link:

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