Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elevating the Humble

It pleases me when people will make a request by asking, " May I ". I want to bend over backwards to make whatever we have, available and open to them. But when people come in like they own the place and demand to see our teaching kitchen, I have to let them down easy. If I have learned anything on this job, it is how to be of service. I cannot promise things that cannot be delivered, and by the same token I cannot favor one person over another. Thankfully, I have met the most gracious people in the world and have learned that people will generally treat you as well as you extend yourself to them when they arrive. First impressions are lasting, and no one should ever miss the opportunity to make a great first impression. Today, it is my hope that our Special Events team doesn't think that I am being persnickety when I point out that Greystone has been looking rather crumpled when I come to work after a wedding has taken place. The fact is, that a lot of stuff gets moved or is lying around waiting for someone else to pick it up . The problem is that it has to be picked up.

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