Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rest and Recharge

Today is Wednesday, February 10th, 2010. That's two-ten-twenty-ten. Sounds pretty cool.

I am lying low today because I am recuperating from a chest cold that I stupidly pushed aside as I went to work last weekend. Monday and Tuesday were my regular days off and the only thing I did besides stay inside most of the time, was to shop for some new clothes. Big whoop. Chest colds require lots of liquids, rest and more rest.

However, I went to Target on Monday and bought some "Made in China" pants, socks, undershirts and a belt. I thought I was buying a leather belt that was actually stamped "Genuine Leather" only to find that the leather was probably less than a millimeter in thickness with some cellulose material sandwiched in between . The thing that amazes me, is that it is called a "Swiss Army belt" with the Swiss cross clearly designated on the buckle. All made in China. Hmmmm...Is this country selling the farm or what?

Anyway, I am not getting too upset about that kind of stuff, only because it only makes me feel cantankerous.Nothing worse than feeling like a crotchety old man. Rest will reenergize my drooping body and hopefully I will be ready for action on Thursday.

Below you can see how this new belt neatly wraps around my midsection and does nothing in terms of keeping my trousers up. It's all for fashion.

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Viv said...

hOPE THAT CHEST COLD IS GONE...I will post my black is still looking amazingly back and blue...but it feels just perfect;-0