Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fingers crossed, Hopes high

Okay, so now I know a couple of things about disposable chef's hats. They CAN be printed on, but not on a laser, offset, or other traditional type of printer. They can be silkscreened. The material is almost like a coffee filter type of substrate. It absorbs the sweat from the brow of a chef toiling away over a hot stove. I still don't know if the manufacturer ALSO prints anything on them, or if I will have to purchase the hats outright and have them sent to the Printers who say that they can apply the logo right on them. ( Worse case scenario is that I would run these through Epson Inkjets, but that would be impractical at this point.) The hat vendor may be a one-stop shop. I am still waiting on the artwork from the buyer, and the people that actually manufacture the hats. Once I can get a price breakdown, I can figure out how much I will charge for each. Phew ! So much is contingent upon each entity, each step of the way. I hope and pray that this deal doesn't fall through the cracks. Besides, I have a lot of cool ideas for chefs' hats that I may be able to market once I have a little capital to build on... We shall see.

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