Friday, April 24, 2009

Another day, another 5 cents

Today was payday and it is also the same day my direct deposit turns around and automatically pays my rent. Let me just tell you that it takes two paychecks to pay a month's rent.This is insane. I am not getting ahead, and yet I still live here in the lap of luxury. This past weekend I created the logo above for the new pool that is opening this summer. I have entered in a contest that may fetch me some passes when the place opens up. It also may give me some publicity if anyone wants to enroll my services as a logo designer. This week I took a health screening and found out that my cholesterol count is back to normal but my blood pressure is still high. I am also about twenty pounds overweight. Maybe if I win these pool passes I can start getting more exercise. That would be nice.

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Viv said...

THE POOL IS OPENING................Never thought I would see this news!...lived 11 years in Calistoga with a fantastic neighbor who LET US USE HER POOL...Thank you Mrs Tyson;-)
Surya learned how to swim there with Delphine, my adopted niece who, right this minute is in Australia.
I hope you win, I just started swiming again last week, it is very good for you...and thank you for keeping me up with all the exiting thing of my old town.
Surya is going to be trilled to hear that...and it reassures me to have made this move, I could have never been able to keep up with the high rent prices.