Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keeping my chin up

Last night was cold.I went to bed around 10 PM and turned off the heat before I jumped under the cover of my down comforter. I awoke around 7:30 AM and noticed frost on the roof of the apartment next door. After taking a shower and getting dressed, I began thinking about the people that care about me and love me. It is important that I maintain my relationships with these people. I have been blessed with a host of friends, but only a handful know me as they may know their car or a house pet. I think more people "know of" me rather than know me. I am okay with this, because I too, try to respect people's privacy and personal space. Yesterday, I had put my plant, "Warren" outside for some sunshine and fresh air. I regret to tell you that I left him outside overnight in the cold. I think the frost almost killed him. I forgot to bring him back in after sunset. This situation has caused me much grief and stress. It seemed to be an apt metaphor for how my life has been going lately. I gave Warren a few eyedrops of plant vitamins and propped him up next to the window as the sun shone through.Eventually, his leaves began to straighten out, as did his long stem and bud. However, he is not out of the woods just yet. As you can see by the picture I put a neck splint on him because his head fell over . All of this has made me hopeful that I can still bring him back to life.


Viv said...

so how is he!!!?

Michael said...

Hi Christopher,
Michael from the CIA Security team here. Hope your plant is OK.
How are you? We all miss you.

Christopher Sullivan said...

Thank you Michael and Vivian . My plant "Warren" is getting ready to bloom and so am I !

Viv said...

I'm telling you warriors you!!!