Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Napa Valley Premier 09'

Well last year I got to ride the elevator with Denny Crane, aka Captain Kirk, aka
( William Shatner ), and this year I got to meet another type of celebrity.
This is me with my new friend ( and bodyguard ) from the
Boston Celtics, #66 Center Forward,
Scot Pollard
This guy is 6' 11" and I am 5' 8" standing on a step. Notice the dude in the background tending to his nose. Sometimes it's my job to keep the paparazzi away from our celebrity guests, even though this guy can certainly fend for himself... ( just kidding ). He came by to visit the CIA and bid on some barrel lots at the Napa Valley Premier ( a Prestigious invitation only wine auction event attended by the NV Vintners, Restauranteurs and other assorted Buyers.) It's here where the insiders get first crack at the best wines in the Napa Valley. This happens well before the actual wine auction which takes place in June. It was also attended by Home run (steroid) slugger, Mark McGwire, but I wasn't able to get a picture taken with him...Oh well, he was probably swarmed by a multitude of wine snobs and autograph hounds.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing Through

If I were playing golf, this would be a day where I would request to"Play Through". This phrase usually applies to a group of golfers who are moving at a quicker pace than a group in front of them. Generally,as a courtesy they would request to play through, rather than being held back by the less skilled. No one person or group is really holding me back, but I can see that my ability as a Concierge is to facilitate communication throughout the building and provide current and accurate information in the face of mounting distraction and time urgency. Not everyone where I work recognizes this aspect as my job and my mission.I am just one of many who have adopted the Standards of Excellence, which is the written code to which all employees have agreed to uphold. Playing through sometimes just means staying the course.

Today went surprisingly well in that respect., considering the fact that I started my day with a root canal treatment on an abscessed molar.I prayed about being pleasant towards my co-workers and to do the job that my Higher Power has set out for me. Having a numb face was the least of my concerns.

My actions and intentions seemed to dove-tail today in a rather pleasant way.I could have gotten uptight about all the challenges that my supervisor presented to me, but I am seeing that she is doing her best as well. In response to a tightening budget that is going on everywhere these days... Well,we are all doing the best we can with the marbles we've got.

This downturn in the economy affects everyone differently, yet universally the same. Taking stock of this fact is recognizing the fact that there is no such thing as "business as usual", in maintaining what is perceived to be the status quo. I think we are all looking for a way of validating our worth as a people that cannot be measured in a purely monetary sense. As a nation, we are learning to "play through" the capitalist mentality that assesses it's worth in terms of material abundance,tangible wealth and a credentialed resumé.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Video Cam!

Who / What is it? This little owl video was taken on my deck.I went out this morning just to give this new gadget a whirl. Today I went down to Napa to visit the Doctor in the hopes that I could get something that would quell the itch on my arm and left leg. I went in and was prescribed an antibiotic which after a week should eliminate this persistent problem. After the Doctor's visit, I went to have my car tuned and lubed at Quality Auto Tune on Soscol avenue in Napa ( now that I am back driving my car again ). Because it was going to be a major tune-up, I walked to Wal Mart and ended up purchasing a new Zi6 Video Camera that can take HD Video ! After shelling out 170 bucks I drove home and loaded the Camera with a new 6GB memory card and fresh rechargeable batteries. Today I went to Bothe State park to shoot some scenes... just to try it out. I also edited my little Quicktime movie and added a few clips from other scenes I had shot. Unfortunately the first file was too large to upload, and Blogger wouldn't allow it.By the way, anyone who can guess what is in the bowl at the end of the video wins one free night to sleep out on my deck during the summer... no expenses paid !

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Stuff to do...

This picture was taken at this year's Mustard Festival.The lady is a model who showcased Erte's fashions of the Art Deco Era in the early part of the 1900's.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. John. My left arm and leg still have a rash from the accident and if it weren't for some hydrocortisone cream I would have scratched them both to the bone by now.

Today,I went to mass in St. Helena and learned that after the priest fainted on the altar last week, Deacon Bob stepped in right at the consecration of the host to continue on with the mass. Today at the end of the service, Father Brinkle kindly informed us that everyone did indeed recieve the blessings of the Holy Spirit last week, but the host was NOT consecrated because the Priest had not completed the Eucharistic ceremony,which according to Catholic Faith and tradition is when the transubstantiation takes place.Deacon Bob forgot that he could have used some already consecrated hosts that were kept in the tabernacle across the street in the main church which is currently being seismically retrofitted.The gymnasium is where the congregation meets now.Apparently, he was so caught by surprise that he just continued with the mass right where the African American priest had left off without missing a beat.Father Brinkle assured us that the communion at today's mass was Ex-Facto, "The Body and Blood of Christ" according to Canon Law. Some of the parishoners were a little upset, or more accurately... flummoxed because they were not sure if an ordained deacon had the same powers as a priest in that instance.