Sunday, January 25, 2009

Business as usual...

I just finished filing my 2008 Federal and State Income Tax return. I stand to get a refund of around $1000. this year. I made around $250. more this year than last year.It feels good to get these little chores out of the way. I am using Turbo Tax again this year. I must say that the process is pretty interesting. They even have little worksheets, a live support team and frequently asked questions section that explains EVERYTHING. Not bad, and yes, fairly painless. Tonight, I got a ride home from my boss... Charles. He drives a nice Mercedes. We talked about the World's of Healthy Flavor Conference that just ended. This year I am learning to be more flexible. At least this is my motto for 09'. The day went by pretty smoothly. Lately, i have been experiencing lots of itching all over my legs, arms and head. I told a few people about this and they have told me that it is part of the healing process. I think I am coming out of shock. In another week, I will be going to the sentencing of the man who ran me down.I will be requesting that I be allowed to keep the settlement that his insurance company is offering. Many Insurance companies will go to great lengths to make sure that victims of vehicle accidents are not "overcompensated" by the system (too many fraudulent claims). I feel that it is my job to make sure that I am justly and fairly compensated. I want a new vehicle, and a chance to get on with my life.

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