Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 08'

Here it is, noontime on Christmas Eve. Now does that make any sense? I am sitting here typing away on my puter after watching some hysterical comedy bits using the CoolIris app. I intend to go shopping (not last minute, mind you) at some point today, to get some coffee filters, cream, tissues and other assorted grocery items. Big Whoop. The other thing I have to do is come up with some other t-shirt designs for Ubuntu. A former co-worker called me to see if I could come up with some " Expressions" to complement their dishes that are served in the restaurant. For instance... An edgy carrot expression, or asparagus expression etc. Well, without the freedom to add some human characteristic to the vegetables, I seem quite limited. So this visual of "Fred Asparagus" did not go over with a bang.I sketched another one, but this one seems really uninteresting to me. I don't feel very creative when I am told what to do and how do it. On the other hand, this comedy bit with John Malkeovitch is much more interesting and enjoyable than drawing t-shirt designs, anyway.

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