Monday, December 15, 2008

"Cast-off " Day

Even though I was late for my appointment by a half hour, the good doctor still got me in. I missed the bus from Calistoga and ended up getting a cup of coffee and waiting for the next one to arrive. Naturally the #10 makes every stop and then some on its journey to the city of Napa.The weather was cold and wet today. The first winter storm of the season. I noticed white stuff on the surrounding hillsides. I was sort of hoping that my nephew Edward could steal away for lunch, but such was not the case. The radiology department a the Queen of the Valley was quite busy.Instead, I sauntered over to Staples to buy a black ink cartridge. The same one I was going to go buy the day I got rear ended on my scooter. This coming friday is the preliminary hearing for Mr. Madrigal. In the interim, I have been sending all my medical bills to his insurance company. My wrist and fingers feel kind of tender and sore, but it is SOOOoooo nice to take a shower withouthaving to wrap my arm and wrist in a plastic bag. My lacerations are clearing up on my face too. Pretty soon I will be back to my old obnoxius self again. Yipppee !!

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