Friday, May 16, 2008

My Friend, Reid

My buddy Reid started his own toy business many years ago. He is a very bright and modest man, with a keen business sense. Over the years I have watched him divest, invest and rebuild a business by his unrelenting commitment to the success of a product he created. I think this has served him well, long before I met him over fifteen years ago.He has always been on the lookout for ways of increasing his customer base and finding new ways of marketing items that support his main product, Flexiblocks™. The education community has certainly served him well, because this product is highly educational for youngsters and oldsters alike. Lately, I have encouraged him to start a BLOG so that he can have a place where people can comment on his product and stay in contact with him. If you want to visit the website he refers people to; Go to and have a click around.

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