Monday, February 04, 2008

Mustard Magic

The Mustard Festival came and went. I was really suprised how fast the facility was cleaned up and put back into shape. The night before was quite a show (as well as a fiasco) with men and women in their best formal attire getting wet as the rain came down outside in buckets. Even with the tent construction over the main entrance, many people were forced to stand outside in the rain due to a backup at the door as the folks inside were checking their umbrellas . It was very cold outside, so people were quite antsy to get inside to sample food, wine,desserts and a wide assortment of treats from many restaurants around the valley, including out own Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant. I took a bunch of pictures,but had to contend with image instability, even though I had my monopod attached to the camera. After the evening wound down, I got home to jump into bed and remembered a set of keys that someone dropped off with me to give to security. I had to bundle up and drive all the way back down there to return them... THAT NIGHT. Evidently, one of the volunteers had misplaced them on the shuttle bus and would not have been able to drive back to Napa in their own car unless these keys got back to them in a timely manner. Oy Vey ! To see more of these images go to: Mustard Magic

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