Saturday, September 22, 2007

My new Ipod Touch

Okay, I shelled out $323. for my Ipod Touch, which I got mainly because of the WiFi aspect. I found out that I can go to the library after hours and surf to my heart's content from a bench outside.If I visit the Coffee Roastery in St. Helena I can do the same... all for Free ! and don't have to lug my laptop around (even though I love the mobility and versatility of that). Call me a gadget freak if you must, but having four Ipods that all work just fine makes me feel whole and complete. The music,movies and podcasts I download are all things that interest me personally and I listen to them on the road as I ride my scooter up and down the Napa Valley.My Etymotic earphones work so well because they fit snug, and yet I can still hear what may be going on around me. It is so much fun.Digital living has presented challenges to my consumption of traditional media content.Since my neighbors moved to another area, I can't get free cable TV anymore (Shhhhh !! ) So I pay for wireless internet access through an Earthlink DSL connection and download the shows I want to watch after work. All my Power Mac G4's are part of a network using the most recent 801.11n protocol. An airport express unit connected to my stereo allows me to play a list of songs and podcasts in Itunes on my stereo ! Soon, I will have a MacBook Pro with the new Leopard operating system.When this computer arrives, I will use it for my Photography,Scanning,Printing,CD/DVD,Quicktime Audio and Video projects.Hey,I love that I know how to use this technology to further expand my mind and creative ability.I finally have a life... an ILife !

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time gone by

Wow! it is already the middle of September, and I haven't updated this blog ! Well, part of the reason is that my mind has been on other things. After a short vacation ( one week ) I had a little extra cash saved up, so I put in and order for an Apple Itouch. It looks just like a new Iphone only it doesn't have a camera or a phone (neither which are something I need). This device reminds me that a few years ago of an incident.I was stranded waiting for triple "A" to show up after my car spun out on a turn in the rain. I was stuck in the mud there, and practically every third car to drive by, stopped to lend assitance. The driver would walk up to my window and say, " Do you want me to call a tow truck?" I have my cell right here ! I must say that it warms the cockles of my heart to know that there are so many good Samaritans out there with cell phones... but I only needed one call to triple "A". Now keep in mind that this was at a time when just a few had cell phones. Not having one, I didn't particulary think that I would need one then. I still don't, and yet there is one in the back of my motorscooter for emergencies like that. I also have an answering machine, several Ipods, three computers, a DSL connection,two digital cameras, three ipods and I don't think i really need any of this stuff. It is just fun to have ( My idea of fun has changed over the years). I just recently got rid of three Apple computers, a scanner, two Epson printers, an electronic drawing pad, a Zip drive , a Jazz drive , two external hard drives, a CD burner and an several computer speakers.

Now I no longer have a Floppy Drive, and somehow that worries me !

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sundays are the best

I like Sundays because they are so mellow and I feel more relaxed on this day than any other day of the week. I call it my Friday, but even it wasn't the day before my day off, I would still like it. Wednesday's are kind of awesome too though. Okay, I started my comparative religion class and it is gettng off to a slow start. I am not all that jazzed about it just yet. I do want to explore an learn about other religions but I need some help. In a way, people gravitate towards certain principles which keep them locked into certan behaviors. That is why I am exploring these different religions. But shit, there is a whole boatload of reading to do. Our teacher, Kitty Maquire is a Stanford Alum with a Master's Degree. I have a bachelor's degree in art and realize that education moves things forward in this culture and the world. So much has happened in the world since the new milleneum, that it is as if time is on warp speed as we find ourselves being throw faster and faster into the future. No time to take time. Just do what you have to do, then move on...

What a life I tell you !