Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nonsensical Day

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My mother would occasionally let us take a day off from school. She liked to call it a "nonsensical day". Usually, we would start out by faking that we were sick and for some reason, moms know when their kid is bluffing. I would produce a weak little cough and say, "Mom, I think I'm sick". She would tell us to go back to bed but after the other kids had left the house she would tell us to get dressed. She would then take us to a movie or on a drive to someplace we hadn't been before. I was always thankfull for these special day with her. She would not let us take advantage of them, but if we played our cards right we would get maybe one a year.She is gone now, but today I am taking a non-sensical day off. I will probably run with my friend, Don and then go soak in a hot tub. I may even produce some new art work . The day is beautiful and the world is my oyster.

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