Friday, January 19, 2007


The first day back at work is always a little intimidating. All at once you feel like the new guy again... but that's good. Having what the Zen Buddhists call a "beginner's mind" is helpfull in overcoming any negative patterns you have established that block personal growth. It's like having an open mind with the added benefit of discernment. All in all, it was a pretty good day. The Healthy World's of Flavor Conference started today. It is by no means, anywhere near what the Grand event of the year is like in November but it could be in the future. The "World's of Flavor" takes the cake as the showcase event of the year.On another note, I am doing a lot of research on a history project I have taken on... Basically, I've come up with a lot of factual data about the Greystone campus. Brother Timothy's oral account of what took place on the property from an interview taken in 1975 reveals how the Christian Brothers succeeded as one of the top wineries in the Napa Valley during that era.

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