Sunday, January 14, 2007

It could happen to you !

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It has been so cold here I couldn't find my johnson to take a leak! ...and now I've got a man-vagina!... (well, you get my drift).This isn't like me.I was so inspired yesterday that I tried updating my blog here at the local Coffee shop.I went to hook up my camera, but only drew uncomfortable attention to myself.Now I question my own motives for having this video blog.If everyone had new IPhones we would all be taking a shitload more pictures and posting them wherever we wanted... just because we have the technology to now flaunt it ! I mean privacy concerns, copyrights and increased legislation are not making anyone's space anymore safe (either for the recorder or the one being recorded ).Yesterday at MacWorld, people were snapping pictures with thier fancy digital cameras everywhere I turned.If I was part of the witness protection program, I could have been tracked by the mob so easily by now.Think about it...only fifteen years ago Faith Popcorn (a marketing futurist ) predicted that we would all be "cocooning" ourselves with this false sense of security and all the products and services that go along with it. We have gated communities, alarm-devices, minature survellience cameras, tear-gas pens and stun guns .This is so lame.Does anyone feel any less terrorized or intruded upon? Does anyone really feel more safe ? People now have a hard time distinquishing between private and public space.Most will saunter around with their new kewl cell-phone and a snotty feeling of entitlement when they are nammering away to their friends who are two aisles down in the supermarket. Or better yet, at the checkout stand feeling totally "put-off" when the clerk interrupts your oh-so important call by asking you if you wanted paper or plastic! Privacy control and security are all part of this illusion. We might as well assume that we are all on the lamb, and this is just another symptom of our sick society.Perhaps one suggestion would be to walk around like the Blues Brothers with Fedoras and Ray-Bans on. An old hippie once told me..."Just because you are paranoid, does not mean they aren't out to get you!" No truer words were spoken. Now as new-media celebrity, and police victim Rodney King has implored us to do over a decade ago..."Can we all just get along?"

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